It might be easy to push what's happening between Russia and Ukraine to the back of your mind. I know I've been guilty of this at times.

However, the Russian and Ukraine war is still ongoing and is still a very serious situation, for a lot of people.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said "the west is engaged in a proxy war with his country that could escalate into a world war with nuclear weapons." according to the Wall Street Journal.

Germany has said it would send antiaircraft cannons to Ukraine. A U.K defense official has signaled a more aggressive stance and said: "it would be legitimate for Ukraine to strike targets in Russia using weapons supplied by the west" according to the Wall Street Journal.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said for the war in Ukraine to end, "Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to make a decision to end this conflict." according to the Wall Street Journal

All of these quotes have been reported within the last 48 hours.


Iowa and Iowans in general have done so many different and incredible things showing support for Ukraine and Ukrainians.

From Air Bnbs, Iowan Celebrities Raising Money, and Eastern Iowa Farms supporting Ukraine employees, so much support for Ukraine has come from Iowa.

These Luther College students and professors are continuing with the support efforts. 

Students and professors from Luther College will go on a 75-mile bike ride from Rochester, Minnesota to Decorah, Iowa KWWL reports.

#RikeForUkraine is set to take place Saturday, April 30th. While this event has gone through planning for a while now, event organizer, Anita Tamang, believes now is the time to push forward with the event.

She told KWWL

"It shows commitment, it shows endurance, it shows standing up for what's right. I want to be clear — inside Ukraine right now, when Russian soldiers kill civilians, they are sending a message to the West. The war is not just about Ukraine. A collective response will be the only thing that will stop the war and restore peace."

You can be a part of these efforts. Community members or students can donate to a GoFundMe page, set up by Tamang.

These funds will support the oncology clinic in Ukraine.

Maryna Nading, is a professor at Luther College, she's a co-organizer of this event, has a mother who works in the oncology clinic, is originally from Ukraine, and still has family in the country.

She told KWWL

"We will just send the money directly where it needs to go. The oncology clinic in my hometown that has welcomed hundreds of IDPs to try and provide them with care has very limited resources. We are all in this together and we are reliant on each other."

You're also welcome to join in on the bike ride as well. Simply fill out this Google Form or contact Tamang at

Unsplash - Elena Mozhvilo
Unsplash - Elena Mozhvilo


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