One of life's pleasures for me, especially during COVID, is to get a "fancy" coffee drink before work. Why? It's a simple way to treat myself before work. Oh, and I am a millennial. But it appears I may not be in the majority when it comes to what the millennial group is actually spending money on.

Contrary to popular belief, we're not into fancy coffee

When did everyone get so responsible with their money? That doesn't sound right.

According to a new survey from DigitalHub, the average Iowan is spending a lot less on going out for lunch, coffee, and drinks than you think, we spend just a total of $33 a week.

Here's how that breaks down:

  • $6.50 on coffee. (I spend that in a day. Just saying. Overachiever? Idiot? Both?)
  • $5.50 on pop, bottled water, and other drinks.
  • And we spend roughly $21 on lunches and takeout. Meaning, we are a cheap date, no?

And even though millennials have a reputation for spending WAY too much on all those things, it's really not crazy. They only spend about 15% more than average, roughly $38 a week. So next time you are on the fence about having a nice lunch out in the middle of your work or school day, treat yo’ self. Because it doesn’t sound like you are spending as much as you thought!

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