The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the life of Quad Cities child under the age of 5, the Quad Cities Times reports. While the child died in June, the medical examiner confirmed the cause was COVID in early August.

As the pandemic continues, there's new concern with school starting totals could continue to rise in Iowa, and nationwide. Despite numerous events and entire sports seasons being cancelled or delayed, college students not following social distance guidelines could spread the coronavirus both locally, and to their hometowns should they travel back with it. As of Monday, August 24, the percentage of Iowa individuals that have tested positive is at 9.5%. Polk County has the most positive cases in the state with 11.8 thousand. Black Has 3,156 and Bremer 256 positive cases. Adams County in the southwestern part of the state has the fewest, with only 20 confirmed cases.

As always, you can get the latest on the numbers and local, plus Iowa COVID-19 news right here.

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