It's finally here... after about a year of hype and candidates zig-zagging the state of Iowa, it's time for those interested to caucus.

If you're interested, here's a couple of things to first be aware of:

The Democratic caucus in Iowa works as follows:

First off you sign-in

You will be asked to sign in. This is important because the party uses the count of people in attendance to apportion delegates.

Show the candidate you support

People will align in different parts of the room based on candidate preference. It is very public, and your neighbors are going to know who you support.


Don't be discouraged if you have yet to pick a candidate. There’s a place for the undecideds as well. But you should be prepared to be persuaded by your peers. Your committed neighbors are going to try and convince you to join their candidate.

To find out where you need to go to participate in the Iowa Caucasus, click or tap here.

(Info via ACLU of Iowa and I Will Vote)

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