Iowa needs to chill out! Or, work less. Or something... We're addicted to caffeine according to a new study from Zippia. Iowa ranks 10th in their new Most Caffeinated States study. But I guess when you think about it, is that a huge suprise?

To determine its results, Zippia studied soft drink (pop) consumption in each state using CDC data, then Google Trends for the coffee aspect. They ran searches like, 'coffee near me' and such. Is this the most scientific couple of metrics? No... I mean, there's decaf coffee and caffeine free pop so it's possible a lot of folks weren't after getting jacked up on caffeine.


Assuming Iowans are that into caffeine, it makes sense, no? Think about common jobs in the Hawkeye state. Farmers. They're always working and need energy. Manufacturing jobs. They've gotta have energy, too. It would actually make a lot of sense to have heavily caffeinated Iowans running around each day working hard and stating awake for it.

The other states in the top 10 that proceeded Iowa are Vermont, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, Idaho, Rhode Island, Oregon and Kansas.

So the question is, do you take your coffee black? With cream? I'm a light roast guy personally. More caffeine.

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