During the time spent reading this, hundreds of people will need a blood transfusion. According to the Red Cross, someone in the United States needs blood every 2 seconds. Whether a patient needs surgery, cancer treatments, traumatic injuries, or chronic illnesses, you can help give lifesaving care with 1 donation.

As you spend time enjoying and celebrating this St Patrick's Day, there are multiple blood drives this March in eastern Iowa. Shay Willis, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations asks that you "paint the town green with acts of kindness. Roll up your sleeves and be a hero during this St. Patrick's Day season."

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Unsplash - Nguyen Hiep
Unsplash - Nguyen Hiep

When and Where?

Here are 3 scheduled blood drives in Black Hawk County this month.

  • Waterloo Community Blood Drive on 3-11-24, from 2 pm - 6 pm. This drive will be located at 1555 W Ridgeway Ave, Waterloo.
  • Dunkerton Community Blood Drive on 3-21-24, from 2 pm - 6 pm. This drive is located at 115 W. Main St, Dunkerton.
  • MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center Blood Drive on 3-22-24, from 9:00 am-1 pm. This drive is located at 3421 West Ninth Street, Waterloo.

To schedule a blood donation appointment online, visit lifeservebloodcenter.org or call 800-287-4903

While the thought of donating blood can be intimidating for some people, it's truly a quick and easy process. For those who have never donated, the entire process generally takes about 45 minutes. The actual process of donating a pint of blood takes about 10 minutes, which can slightly vary for some people, depending on a few factors.

While everyone may have different reasons for donating, here are some of the most common reasons, according to HSS.

  • Donating is a generous thing to do and helps people in need. It mostly helps people in your very own community
  • Donors help keep the nation's blood supply stable.
  • There is no substitute for blood. Donors provide the only supply of life-saving blood for those who need it.
  • Donating is simple, fast, and convenient. The process takes about 45 minutes and can make a lifelong difference for someone else.

I have donated blood a handful of times and one of the reasons I've done so is because my grandma used to donate regularly. I always felt it was one of the best/easiest ways I could help donate to others. When I was younger, I never felt I could financially help very many people but I was always able to donate my time and blood for those who needed it.


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