Iowans love to bike. Look at RAGBRAI. That puppy averages 8,500 - 10,000 riders a year. Granted many aren't from Iowa, it's still an Iowa thing. In my quiet little neighborhood, people bike religiously. Spring, summer, fall, and even on nicer winter days. Biking is awesome. It's great. I just have one littttle gripe: cyclists can be a bit too aloof and, it's very dangerous.

Iowa bicyclists are supposed to follow the same laws as motorists

Iowa being a big cycling state is terrific. The state has also put in place some laws to protect those on bikes, and the motorists they often share the road with. But something I've noticed more and more, from watching from the window of my house, and as I'm driving, bicyclists veer and end up in the middle of the road. Like, a LOT. I won't say the street, but I was driving down a very residential road when a biker came out of the biking lane and began biking in the middle of the road. Why? He was passing another biker but never went back into the biking lane.

I went to the I-DOT website to see what the deal is with bicyclists and how they handle roads. I found this nugget:

Bicyclists must ride with the flow of traffic on the right side of the roadway, except when overtaking and passing another vehicle.

In other words, move over, please. I have also observed bikers on highways, also illegal...

Bicyclists are allowed on almost all Iowa roads with the exception of interstates, certain other controlled-access highways.

And finally, cyclists running stop signs and traffic lights... Oh, I see that daily. It's illegal.

Bicyclists who violate traffic laws are subject to the same fines as motor v e vehicle drivers.

I know, it's NOT most cyclists. It's also not most drivers when you see crappy driving. It's always a minority of a populous that gives the entity as a whole a bad name.

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Stay safe out there, bikers. And please stay to the far right of my car. Thanks!

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