Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey expressed his appreciation that President Trump would host the Agriculture round table discussion this week, especially because it’s still early in his administration.

Northey says he was very encouraged by the discussion that took place. “The president clearly understands the importance of a strong agriculture sector in our nation. It’s great news that Secretary Perdue is in place at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and will be a strong supporter of the effort to aid farmers, ranchers, and rural communities,” he says. Northey says the conversation was especially positive regarding items like reducing the regulatory burden on farmers, infrastructure updates, trade, and immigration.

Northey, who was at the roundtable, said it’s clear to him that the president understands the need for a reliable workforce for agriculture and is committed to establishing a workable immigration system to fill that need. “My takeaway on trade is the president understands the importance of trade to agriculture and won’t risk undermining the advancements we’ve made in ag trade as they work with our trading partners to address other concerns,” Northey says.

Source;  NAFB News

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