The Fayette County Sheriff's Office has been investigating recent incidents involving the Prairie View Residential Facility near Fayette.

On Thursday (Oct. 5), deputies were called to the facility twice. The first call concerned a person who was putting another person in a choke-hold, and a request for an assault investigation was made. The next call involved a subject who was out of control and smashing television sets. Both suspects were taken out of the facility.

The next day (Oct. 6), the sheriff got a call from a Prairie View staff member, who had picked up a walk-away from the facility. The suspect then assaulted the employee in the vehicle. Officers arrested 50 year od Michael Arterburn of Stanton, on a charge of simple assault. He was released the next day and returned to the facility.

And finally on Saturday (Oct. 7), the Fayette County Sheriff received a report of an assault at Prairie View. Investigating deputies determined that 27 year old Nina Singh of Cedar Falls, was arguing with a staff member, and assaulted them. Singh was taken to the county jail and held until her initial court appearance.

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