If you've been out and about after dark in some spots in Iowa you may have noticed that some of the streetlights don't look quite right. Scattered throughout different cities and towns, some of the lights are bright purple while others look like your typical streetlight. Even though the purple luminescence can make driving at night feel like a futuristic video game, the reason for the color change may actually be related to defective LEDs.

These defects are being seen in multiple areas across the US. According to WSPA,

Duke Energy has been upgrading many of their older and less efficient lights with LED lighting over the past few years. Several hundreds of these white, street lights across the Upstate are now malfunctioning causing the lights to gradually turn deep purple.

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This malfunction is what we could be seen in countless Iowa areas, most prominently in areas like Davenport, Iowa. Many different utility companies are using these exact same types of LED lights and are seeing the same issue. Some experts believe this is the result of one bad batch of lights being distributed across the state of Iowa and the country.

Personally, I kinda prefer the purple lights. What do you think?

Source: Jake Truemper Townsquare meida
Source: Jake Truemper Townsquare meida

I find myself on the road a lot in countless different areas throughout Iowa and was surprised how many areas had a few of these defective lights. Have you seen some? If so where? Let us know.

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