Soon enough, everyone's bodies will be fighting off the common cold, the flu, RSV, and most likely, COVID-19. As we get into fall and winter, cases increase across the U.S., including in Iowa.

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The best way to fight these germs and diseases is with vaccines.

Contrary to some people's beliefs, the combination of science and medicine has proven that vaccines protect you and your loved ones from getting ill.

Iowans are some of the most protected people against the flu and other diseases as it has been named one of the most vaccinated states.

The Most Vaccinated States In The U.S.

Recently, WalletHub revealed its list of States that Vaccinate the Most for 2023.

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To find out which states have folks that vaccinate the most, they compared all 50 states and the District of Columba across three key dimensions:

  1. Children & Teenagers Immunization Rates
  2. Adult & Elderly Vaccination Rates
  3. Immunization Uptake Disparities & Influencing Factors

These are the top 5 states that vaccinate the most:

5. Connecticut

attachment-Iowa Most Vaccinated State (1)

4. Vermont

attachment-Iowa Most Vaccinated State (2)

2. Rhode Island

attachment-Iowa Most Vaccinated State

1. Massachusetts

attachment-Iowa Most Vaccinated State (1)

I skipped number three because that's where the Hawkeye state landed.

Iowa Is The 3rd Most Vaccinated State

To many people's surprise, Iowa was named the 3rd most vaccinated state in the U.S., according to WalletHub.

attachment-Iowa Road Sign

Iowa lands in the top three because it ranks in the top 10 in all three key dimensions.

As a matter of fact, Iowa ranks as the state with the 4th highest share of teenagers (13-17) with men ACWY vaccination and share of adults with the Tetanus vaccination.

Illinois People Could Vaccinate More

Also to many people's surprise, Illinois isn't as high on this list as you would think. Illinois is in the bottom half of this list.


The study revealed that Illinois is the 26th most vaccinated state. Illinoisans, you might want to head to your doctor or any place you can get a flu vaccine soon because you're going to want it before things get bad.

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