Morgan Wallen has a lot irons in the fire these days, but even in the midst of a monster year, he's focused on one thing: His son, Indigo Wilder.

The "Last Night" singer became a father in 2020 when his ex-girlfriend, Katie Smith, gave birth to a 6-lb., 13-oz. baby boy. Although the two are no longer together, they share custody of the three-year-old, whom they call "Indie."

In an extensive interview with Billboard, Wallen admits that early on in his career he was focused on himself and getting things off the ground, but fatherhood came at the right time. And it's changed everything.

“It gives me something to focus on that’s not just all about myself because for a while, I had to be super selfish. I had to mostly focus on myself or [my career] wouldn’t work,” he says. But now, “it’s nice to really think about someone other than yourself and about what you’re passing down."

"He’s my favorite thing about life,” he adds.

The addition of a child has certainly changed how the "Everything I Love" singer operates. For instance, Indigo has joined Dad for a few dates on his massive One Night at a Time Tour in 2023.


The singer-songwriter also has a few more accessories that he carries with him to his writing sessions. Hardy — a friend and co-writer of Wallen's — recounted a story to Billboard about writing in the workshop at the "You Proof" singer's house.

“Indie was in the bed. Morgan’s out here looking for an outlet to plug in a baby monitor," he shares. "I was just like, ‘Man, that’s something I didn’t think I would see five years ago.'"

The combination of fatherhood and his recent explosion in fame has Wallen keeping things low key when he's not working.

“Everything has gotten so, so huge,” he explains. “I don’t really go to the grocery store. I have to go through back doors to go to the doctor and all that kind of stuff. I still try to hold on to as much [normalcy] as possible. I like driving, so I try to drive as much as I can by myself.”

“I play my shows, I hang out with my son, and I hide pretty much," he continues. "And I’m OK with that. I’m happy as hell with that.”

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