Over the last couple years, several Iowa cities have been tabbed as some of the best to which to move and/or retire. One study called Iowa the best state in which to retire. Another billed the Quad Cities as one of the most affordable metropolitans in the entire country.

Now, Niche.com has compiled a list of some of the best zip codes in which to live/move in the state of Iowa. The grade was curated based on the individual grades of six factors:

  • Public schools
  • Nightlife
  • Diversity
  • Housing
  • Quality of life for families
  • Jobs/economy

50325 is the Hottest Zip Code in Iowa:

Urbandale, IA, located in Polk and Dallas Counties, was ranked as the hottest zip code in Iowa as of 2023. The city boasts a roaring economy and A-grades almost across the board. The median home value for the city is just over $359,000, while the average rental price found in Urbandale is just a tick over $1,000, which isn't bad at all for a city that boasts a strong economy and safety rankings.

Photo Credit: Mike Watson Images
Photo Credit: Mike Watson Images

West Des Moines Comes in Second Place:

With a population of over 35,000 people and a media household value north of $300,000, West Des Moines, IA touted metrics high and hot enough to make them second on Niche.com's list. Save for a B+ in the diversity category, West Des Moines garnered As in every other category, including an A+ in nightlife.

West Des Moines also places top five for best public school district in the state and within the top ten best zip codes in which to raise a family.

52241 Claims the Third Spot:

Photo Credit: Purestock
Photo Credit: Purestock

With As in five of the six categories (and a B+ in housing), Coralville, IA rounded out the top three on the list of hottest zip codes in the state. The median home value in Coralville is significantly lower than its counterparts at just over $270,000, while the city also ranks as the 12th most diverse city in all of Iowa.

Furthermore, Coralville has become a sneaky great place to raise a family coming in at #7 in Iowa.

How Did Dubuque Measure Up?:

Photo Credit: Digital Team
Photo Credit: Digital Team

While Dubuque placed outside Niche.com's top ten, our city still scored respectable marks across all the categories:

  • Public schools - B+
  • Nightlife - A
  • Diversity - B+
  • Housing - B+
  • Quality of life for families - B+
  • Jobs/economy - B

I definitely agree that with an abundance of bars, nightclubs, two casinos, concerts, and more every summer, Dubuque has a better nightlife than its reputation would suggest.

View the full list of hottest zip codes in Iowa on Niche.com's website.

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