The image above was not involved in the accident.

Before diving into this odd story, let me just emphasize that everyone is currently doing alright! Now that that's out of the way...

Only in the Midwest would I ever write this sort of headline.

Three members of the Amish community were involved in a vehicular accident and have sustained minor injuries. As reported by KWWL, two of the three people in the accident were airlifted to the hospital.

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This accident took place in the town of Elk Grove in Lafayette County in Wisconsin. According to reports, a van crashed into the horse and buggy that was carrying three passengers. The van struck the horse and the open buggy from behind along STH 81.

All three of the passengers on the buggy were under 20 years old. All of the people involved in the crash are expected to make a full recovery, according to officials. The two people who had to be taken to the hospital were both under the age of 18, and the third individual was treated on the scene and released at the crash site.

Currently, the driver of the vehicle is being investigated so authorities can determine what exactly caused this accident.

Unfortunately, the horse involved in the incident had to be put down at the recommendation of veterinarians.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

With a large Amish population, this happens here in Iowa too. Just last year a pickup driver was arrested in Elkport for crashing into a horse and buggy, as reported by the Waterloo Courier. Just like the Wisconsin incident, three Amish young adults were injured as a result of this crash. Their horse met the same fate as the Wisconsin Amish incident.

Reports say that the driver of this vehicle was under the influence of alcohol.

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