How many times has this happened to you on the interstate?

You have your "cruise control" set on 70mph (the speed limit), then you go to pass a slower moving vehicle in the left lane, and before you know it, someone with a "lead foot" is riding your tailgate, blinking their headlights for you to move out of the way. You switch lanes, and they go flying by, giving you the "evil eye" as they lay on the accelerator. I usually give them the "one-finger salute" as they pass, and say "I hope you get a ticket buddy!"

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Memorial Day traditionally marks the start of the summer travel season and this year, law enforcement officials will out in full force watching for speeders and seat belt violators especially this holiday weekend.

Slow down, buckle up and put your phone down!

Starting now and going through June 6th, the likelihood of these "Nascar driver wanna-bee's" getting a ticket will increase dramatically, as the Iowa Department of Public Safety reminds drivers that the Click It or Ticket campaign is underway. As their website mentions, "many states, including Iowa, have seen a rise in violators speeding well in excess of 100 mph and not wearing a seat belt. This can lead to disastrous consequences."

AAA  Auto Club is expecting a major spike in holiday travel

A year ago, everyone was being warned to stay home and not travel. Now, this year, the numbers of Iowan's planning to get away during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend are expected to see a significant rebound. As CNN reports, "more than 37 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home, an increase of 60% from last year, when only 23 million traveled, the lowest on record since AAA began recording in 2000."

Did I mention to buckle up?

Remember back in the "old days" when schools used to bring in speakers and "scare you straight" so you wouldn't do drugs? Now, it's time to be "scared straight" by these facts from the IDPS "During the month of May in 2020, 2,988 crashes occurred in Iowa. Of those crashes, 167 individuals were injured because they were unbelted. A majority of those injuries could have been prevented if they had been wearing seat belts."

Don't be...that guy

Actually, the seat belt compliance rate in Iowa is 95.2%. That sounds pretty good, but that's only tempered by this stat, roughly 48% of fatal crashes that have occurred so far in 2021 have been unbelted. Do your part and don't be a part of the 4.8% of non-compliers. And if you do go speeding past me at 100 mph, thanks for keeping the officer distracted (giving you a ticket) as I drive by in my "beater van" with the tail-light that has been out for months. I gotta get that fixed.

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