Wow, it has been a crazy two years living here in Iowa. There have been a lot of ups and downs between entering the work force and getting my amazing job in radio to meeting new friends to missing old friends and family and so on. I will be honest though, when I moved here I did not know anyone or much about the state of Iowa. I can honestly say I did not even know where it was on a map, sorry! But as I started living here there were so many lessons to take away from serious ones to funny ones.

So I decided to put together a list of things I learned from all you Iowans as I start to make my departure to a new location for a new job. You have all taught me (or tried to) teach me about farming, what it means to live in the country, "iowa nice" and so much more. While I try to retain everything I have learned, I may not remember it all so let me know anything else I have forgotten. Thank you Iowa, for all of the lessons!

1. "Iowa Nice"- Basically you are all friendly to everyone. You wave at each other in cars or on the streets, you say hi to people you don't know with a smile to brighten their days and you actually have manners (trust me this is unheard of)

2. The "Iowa wave"- yes, I have learned this is a thing where drivers put two fingers up in a wave on the steering wheel to acknowledge a thank you in terms of proper driving etiquette or just a "hello"

3. "Iowa Water"- Yep you guessed it... this is Busch Light or "Latte" and I swear you all drink it more than water! Probably why very few of you all get sick.

4. You are known for more than corn and other states just don't get it. Yes there is a lot of corn around but there are also a lot of hardworking families that love what they do and know Iowa is so much more than corn.

5. Casey's General Store has the BEST pizza. No, but really.

6. You all are way better drivers than city folks. I mean the fact that a lot of you can go down a country road at night at 90 without street lights? Yeah I am on your side when the world ends.

7. "Mudding," Shooting, Kayaking... Hey as long as you all have a drink in your hand it can be a great time!

8. Work Hard, Play Harder... Yep, I swear this is your motto and you truly live by it.

9. Best pork around... that's all

10. At the end of the day, you know the real priorities in life are your friends and family and you will protect them with your life.

BONUS: You have some of the best haunted houses I have ever been too!

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