Remember the 1990's? Or earlier? Ok, I was born in the early 80's so my memory of the 1990's and beyond is way stronger. But if you, like me, once owned one or more 'modern' for its time electronic. A VCR, flip phone, CD player, Walkman... If you still have yours, good news, you might be able to make some cash off of it yet!

According to DigitalHub, the average American could score nearly $200 for all of the old electronics they sitting around collecting dust in their house that they aren't using anymore. However, if that's you, it may be tuff to get top dollar since so many people will simply donate to thrift shops making these items very easy to access for anyone in the market for a VCR... in 2020... for some reason. Really though, why? No HD, no 4K...

Now, when it comes to the newer stuff, the best move is to sell it ASAP. Things like iPhones, computers, tablets, and video game systems go down in value about 26% per year. So if you're still sitting on the PlayStation 2 as we await the upcoming PlayStation 5, don't expect to make much moolah on your vintage electronic.

The survey also finds most of us hold onto an old cell phone for more than a year after purchase of a new one, and one in 10 people keep their old phones for at least three years. Ok, that's me... hello, iPhone 4s. I still love you. For some reason...

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