With the recent rainfall to our North, the Cedar River in Cedar Falls is expected to rise nearly 10 feet from its current level by Monday afternoon.

As of Friday morning, at 9:45, the river was at 78.8 feet and is forecast to rise to 87.6 feet by midday on Monday, August 30th. This crest will be just below ‘Minor Flood Stage’ at 89 feet. Moderate Flood Stage is 92 feet and Major Flood Stage is 94.

The highest level the river has been at in Cedar Falls so far this year was 99.99 feet on April 8 and 9. The low point of the year was on August 20th when the river was at 78.52 feet.


At 88.5 feet river water will cover the bike path at George Wyth Park.

As for the Cedar River in Waterloo, the forecasted crest will be Monday afternoon just under 10 feet, which is categorized in the ‘Action Stage.’ This level will be around three feet below “Minor Flooding.’ At 10 feet, the storm sewers will close behind the National Cattle Congress.


To learn more about the river stages and what it means, tap HERE.

Between Thursday morning and Friday morning, some areas in Northeast Iowa exceeded more than five inches of rain, including New Hampton with 5.8 inches and Saratoga (Howard County) with five inches. Ionia reported 4.5 inches while Decorah registered 4.2 inches.

More rain is in the forecast throughout the weekend into next week.


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