Being in the spotlight can certainly garner unwanted attention and, in some severe cases, harassment. That's what's happened to a Waterloo anchor. A man named Steve Wayne Wilcox. According to a Courier report, Wilcox is accused of placing an ad in the Courier, the very outlet that reported his arrest, to harass KWWL news anchor Olivia Schmitt.

Wilcox has already been arrested for this same issue

The report from the Courier indicates Wilcox has previously had run-ins with the police for harassing Olivia Schmitt. Wilcox has been charged with one count of third-degree harassment, which is a misdemeanor. Wilcox has been released from jail.

Local TV anchor safety in Iowa should be top of mind

Iowans are all too familiar with the need to keep local news safety at the forefront. Jodi Huisentruit vanished almost 26 years ago, in late June 1995. She was an anchor for KIMT, the CBS affiliate in Mason City. However, prior to her joining KIMT, she was an anchor for KGAN in Cedar Rapids

There have been many rumors and reports of her whereabouts, but to this day she remains missing and her case has gone cold. In May 2001, Huisentruit was declared legally dead. In 2020, an investigator claimed to have more information regarding Huisentruit's disappearance. A KCCI report claimed someone had confessed to destroying crucial evidence in Huisentruit's disappearance while they were working at KIMT in Mason City with Huisentruit. To date, no arrest has been made in her disappearance. That person's name was not revealed in the report as they were afraid of being arrested.

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