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A repeat offender has been cited for violations by the USDA yet again.

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Over the past six years, Happy Puppy dog-breeding has been cited for many violations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They have recently received a fine of $12,600 for euthanizing unwanted dogs with unauthorized stomach injections. According to Iowa Capital Dispatch, the animals would then be left alone to die.

Iowa has been in the spotlight when it comes to cracking down on puppy mills. Last June, the Humane Society released a list of the 100 worst puppy mills in the country. While Missouri led the list of the most problematic with 26 breeders to avoid, Iowa was number two with 17 problematic breeders.

On that list is repeat offender, Henry Sommers at Happy Puppy.

According to Iowa Capital Dispatch, in August, a USDA inspector cited Sommers for eight noncritical violations “pertaining to the attending veterinarian and inadequate veterinary care; animal housing facilities; primary enclosures for animals; a lack of cleanliness, sanitization, housekeeping and pest control; and the veterinary care that was provided for dogs.”.

The inspector also noted that a Yorkshire terrier on the site, with feces stuck to its fur, had been treated with penicillin that was 17 months expired.

A report from the USDA says that there were also four unlabeled containers of medication that were given to the dogs. A dead housefly in the container showed that one of the containers was even contaminated.

The $12,600 fine comes from three years of inspection findings at the facility.

Iowa Capital Dispatch shares violations over the past three years which included:

  • Failing to provide adequate veterinary care.
  • Failing to provide kennel space with floors that protect the dogs’ feet.
  • Failing to have an adult available for inspection.
  • Method of euthanasia not approved by a veterinarian.
  • Failing to maintain medical records for the dogs.
  • Failing to maintain cleanliness- trash, waste material, junk
  • Failing to make water available to dogs.

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