The arts are very important in society. They help remind us of our past and learn from our past mistakes, allow our minds to create a new future and gives us all a place to learn and grow as a community. As an avid supporter and participator in the arts (dance, theater, choir), I believe as a society we need to continue to support these programs in order to grow the imagination, creativity and life lessons of the younger generation.

For these reasons I am very happy to have learned that Gallagher Bluedorn has recently received a $10,000 award to bring the arts to the next generation. According to KWWL, the Kaleidoscope Series for Youth is a program that brings national touring theater productions to over 40,000 children in the ares. It is an alternative way to learn than in classroom teaching lessons on race, religion, poverty, diversity and more. This year will be no different thanks to the Iowa Arts Council.

The Iowa Arts Council has awarded $10,000 to help with the Kaleidoscope Series. Although things may look a little different during this time of pandemic, staff of this series are looking for alternatives to continue this series for the children whether in be live performances/field trips or even virtual learning. If this is something your children would be interested in, you can find more information on the program here.

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