So you're in the market for a snowman made out of tires, huh? Or perhaps a couple of rats. Well, the good news is you can get those things for free! Occasionally I'll still scout Eastern Iowa's Craiglist pages. I say "still" because I feel like, for most people, Craigslist is a thing of the past. Despite that line of thinking, there's still some good and funny stuff on the site. As you'll see in the photos below, one person's trash is likely another's a treasure. Perhaps something you'll see is your treasure?

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For this photo list of freebies, I went to the Cedar Rapids and Waterloo Craigslist pages. These are all pretty recent and so if you actually want one of the items you're about to see, you should be able to find it on the Craigslist website. Think of me when you're watching your vintage TV.

Free stuff on Craigslist

Since its inception back in 1995, Craigslist has had a "free" listing. While the site has had controversies over the years and has even sadly led to murders and crime-related issues. Not to brush those off, but when used as intended, the site is a great, local tool for people to use. And, find free stuff on. Shall we dive right on in?

These Are the Weirdest Free Things on the Eastern Iowa Craigslist Pages

Maybe you cruise Craigslist from time to time, or maybe you haven't been on the page in about a decade. Either way, the "free" page is still alive and well. Here are some of the BEST free items you'll find right now on the Eastern Iowa Craigslist pages.

Another great site, Airbnb! Check out this awesome school bus-turned-Airbnb. Looks cozy and sports a GREAT view. Check out the photos from the listing below.

Iowa School Bus Airbnb Features Amazing Scenery [PHOTOS]

This fully renovated Skoolie sits along the banks of the Upper Iowa River.

Are some people just beer snobs? I think so. But these are some good reviews of Iowa breweries. Check 'em out.

Iowa Breweries: Top Reviews of Our Great Beer Makers from Non Iowans

There's some great breweries in Eastern Iowa, and statewide. Here are some of the strongest reviews of Iowa breweries from Yelp users.

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