Money, money, money! Fredericksburg resident Katharine Munk scored a huge payday playing the 'Jumbo Bucks' InstaPlay game with the Iowa Lottery. Katharine's payday is $34,733.55. Yeah, kind of an odd dollar amount, but a whole lotta moolah none the less. She purchased the ticket from the All Stop on 138 E. Main St. in Fredericksburg. I wonder if Mrs. Munk is looking for a new best friend? My services are available. I like beer.

I wasn't familiar with InstaPlay games, but I am familiar with loving scoring copious amounts of cash so I did some research. InstaPlay games combine features from scratch tickets and lotto games to give players an option with no numbers to pick, play slips to fill out or wait for a drawing.

Unlike scratch off, InstaPlay tickets are actually scratchless. They don't have the scratchable coating that needs to be removed to figure out if you have won a prize. I'm going to be honest, I still prefer a good old scratch ticket. But, I do like the idea of winning north of $34,000 too. When someone wins an InstaPlay game the jackpot goes back down to $5,000.

Iowa Lottery Press Room
Iowa Lottery Press Room

If you won that much cash, what's the first thing you'd buy? Or, would you pay off some bills? Imagine the mortgage payment you could make with $30K... But also, imagine how much beer and wine you could buy with $30K. Decisions, Decisions...

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