Another Fourth of July has come and gone. With more Iowans out and about in 2021 than 2020 partying it up as COVID becomes less and less of an issue, you may be wondering: were there more fireworks complaints in 2021 than last year? Or how about years past? According to the police, the answer is no.

People complained about fireworks, but no more than in years past

I'm sure you, like me, heard pops all night beginning at about 10 pm Friday, continuing all the way 'til last night. However, it's easy to forget that since Iowa legalized fireworks, this has been ongoing with each passing year. Heck, before Iowa passed fireworks laws allowing 'em, it still happened each year. That said, you'd think with COVID lifting and with gatherings increasing, more people would be launching off fireworks. Perhaps they were, but the police did not field more complaints. In fact, according to KWWL, the calls were about the same.

Officers in Cedar Rapids took only 461 fireworks complaint calls this year during the weekend. I say "only" because, in 2020, they dealt with 587 according to KCRG. This year officers in Cedar Rapids issued 15 citations related to fireworks. Remember, fireworks remain illegal in Cedar Rapids despite law changes statewide. In Cedar Falls, which like Cedar Rapids has a full ban on fireworks, police took about 10 complaint calls.

It's not too late to complain about fireworks going off, but...

Certainly, there will be more fireworks popping off around Eastern Iowa neighborhoods. That means there will be more complaints and likely (sadly) injuries. Fines, too. But remember, it's legal for fireworks sales to continue up until July 8th. So, depending on where folks are lighting off fireworks, it's still not illegal. Yet.

Fireworks will be available for legal purchase again this winter a couple of weeks prior to, and a handful of days after New Years Day.

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