2020 has not been the happiest of years... okay let's be honest, none of us have been all that happy this year. Between the pandemic, isolation, social unrest, tanking economy, there hasn't been much to celebrate. However there may be a way to boost your mood a little bit... plan a trip!

According to a new study from the Institute for Applied Positive Research, planning a trip can actually help to boost your mood towards happiness. Not just going on the trip but planning it too! The poll showed that of the respondents 97% said that having a trip planned made them happier and 71% had greater levels of energy when having a trip planned within the next 6 months.

Is this surprising to anyone? The answer should be no. If you think about it when we have something to look forward too, we get more energy to get to that faster and become lighter when thinking about it. Such as all the fun things to do on the trip, who you will be with, the food you will eat and so on... these things all add up to positive thoughts!

So go ahead and plan that trip for the next 6 months, even if it is just a road trip because I promise your mood will increase!

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