An explosion and fire has leveled most of a Corn Mill in northeast Wisconsin. ABC News reports at least 2 are dead and 1 person is still missing following the explosion on Thursday. At the time of the explosion, sixteen employees were at the facility.  At least a dozen of the 16 were injured. The explosion remain under investigation.

The Didion Milling facility, located in Cambria, Wisconsin (about 45 miles northeast of Madison), employs around 200 people in the small village of nearly 770 people.

The explosion and fires that followed, leveled some areas of the facility but did not appear to cause problems for the ethanol plant just adjacent to the milling facility, that is also owned and operated by Didion Milling.

According to the company's website, construction on the Cambria corn mill was completed in 1991. Its corn products are used in brewing beer, making chips, breakfast cereals, bathroom moldings and ethanol.

Source:  NAFB News

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