It's no surprise that Caitlin Clark is one of Iowa's favorite basketball players and celebrities. I don't want to speak for Caitlin but I'd be willing to guess she would rather be known for her skills on the basketball court than all of the "celebrity" that has come with her incredible success.

Despite that, I think when you begin to appear in national TV commercials, receive shoutouts from some of the greatest athletes of all time, and are constantly talked about on's safe to call Caitlin a "celebrity." As much as we love our very own Iowa superstar...not everyone is ready to consider her great just yet.

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Before being completely slammed by the internet for his take, it should be noted that Jay Williams is a former professional basketball player. He played the game at the highest level and was a phenomenal player at Duke. During his time in college, he won a national championship in 2001, and he also won the Naismith College Player of the Year award during his Duke tenure.

He's allowed to have his opinions, regardless of how wrong they might be.

Is Caitlin Clark...Great?

I think the way she plays, the pizzazz, is, she's probably the most prolific scorer the game of basketball has ever seen. I am unwilling ... to say that she is great yet. I'm not saying that she's not at a high, high, high level, but for it to go to the states of immortality in my opinion, it has to culminate with your team winning a championship.

Jay Williams is extremely complimentary of Caitlin's ability to shoot a basketball. He considers her the most prolific scorer the game of basketball has ever seen. He compares her to the greatest shooter in professional basketball history, Steph Curry.

Despite giving Caitlin all of these compliments, he won't budge when it comes to calling Caitlin Clark great, and I don't understand why. In the game of basketball, the object of the game is to make a ball go through a hoop. Whichever team can do that more than the other team...wins.

If Caitlin Clark can do that better than any player before can she not be considered great? More happens during a basketball game than just shooting, obviously, but the very core of basketball is about scoring more points than the other team. No one in the history of women's college basketball is better at scoring points than Caitlin.

The internet made sure to let Jay know what they thought of his horrendous take.



There are times I wonder if sports analysts do things like this on purpose just so people will talk about them on social media. Do you think Jay truly doesn't think Caitlin Clark is great or is he just trolling the sports world hoping we watch his clip? I have a hard time believing someone who played the game at Jay's level wouldn't considered the best scorer in basketball history, great.

Well Jay, if this is just a troll worked on me.

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