Iowa Republicans took a strike at Senator Ted Cruz of Texas this week, saying his hold on the nomination of Iowa’s Bill Northey to the Department of Agriculture will harm his political standing. As Cruz continued his attack of the Renewable Fuel Standard Wednesday, speaking at Philadelphia Energy Solution’s so-called anti-ethanol rally, the Iowa Republican Party warned Cruz that continuing the hold of Northey would risk him losing political support from Iowa.

Cruz won the Iowa Caucus during the 2016 presidential campaign. Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said: “Cruz has entertained this political position far too long, and it's becoming increasingly harmful to both Iowans and the agricultural industry at large."

Northey, the Iowa agriculture secretary, is staring down a March 16th deadline to either file for re-election for his state post or remain in limbo on Capitol Hill, according to Politico. Meanwhile, Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says he is circulating a letter to other senators to gain support that would overcome Cruz’s filibuster of the nomination.

Source;  NAFB News

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