By now we all have most likely seen the e-scooters fanned out across, well, pretty much everywhere! Reaching speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, these little guys can get you where you need to go a lot faster than walking, plus they’re a lot more fun too! But with great fun comes great responsibility and city officials are encouraging users to be aware of the safety protocols.

Bird and Helbiz are the two brands of electric scooters in Waterloo. There are currently 150 Bird scooters and 210 Helbiz scooters, but both brands hope to up their numbers and add even more to the city as they continue to gain popularity.

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It’s important to remember that though these scooters are a lot of fun, there are risks associated with using them. The Bird and Helbiz official websites encourage riders to follow these safety tips:

  • Avoid riding on the sidewalk! This endangers other pedestrians who are trying to walk freely. Instead, ride in the bike lanes to ensure you keep yourself and everyone else safe.
  • Park respectfully! Do not block public access areas such as driveways and fire hydrants. Park close to the curb and ensure that your kickstand is securely down so the scooter doesn’t tip over.
  • No drinking and riding, it’s pretty much the same as drinking and driving.
  • Be aware of your surroundings! Pay attention to traffic and intersections to ensure you are following the rules of the road and navigating the streets safely.
  • Only one rider per scooter! You and your hot date need to drive separately as having more than one rider on a scooter can be extremely dangerous.
  • Wear a helmet, the Helbiz website offers a free helmet which you can request by clicking here.
  • Start slow until you are comfortable braking, steering, and stopping.

If you and your loved ones follow these simple guidelines, you should be all set to zip and zoom about in a safe manner! Just a reminder, safety doesn’t have to mean less fun, in fact, safety prevents the not-so-fun outcomes of riding recklessly! Stay safe!

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