If you have ever thought to yourself "yeah, I'd love to see a bear someday", that appears to be a possibility as a driver shared video of one crossing in front of him on a northeast Iowa roadway.

This video was shared on Facebook a couple days ago by Justin Jansen. Yes, this really is a fairly large black bear.

As Justin mentioned in his Facebook share, this bear was spotted crossing Mud Lake Road which is north of Dubuque near the Mississippi River.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

You might remember that we shared a story recently about Iowa Fish and Wildlife predicting that we'd likely see more black bears in our state. It appears their estimate was correct. It was last summer when a black bear crossing Iowa made the news.

Will Iowa suddenly become Yellowstone National Park and have bears everywhere? Doubtful. But, this bear sighting already this year is a sign that wildlife encounters like this are on the uptick.

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