I've never given much thought to how to take care of farm animals. Put them on a leash and take them out for a walk, right? No? Well, we all learn something new every day.

After scrolling through Tik Tok I came across this very Iowa thing that I need to share.

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This Tik Toker Patrick Winheim shared a hilarious video on the social video sharing app of him feeding some chickens. I may not be much of a farmer, but I do know that you usually give them feed or corn of something...not beer. Maybe the hops and grain are similar to their usual diet...


After doing some research, I discovered the typical diet of chickens. Backyard chickens are omnivores so they can eat almost anything. Some things on their typical diet consist of insects, grubs, seeds...and sometimes even deli chicken. Depending on the weather they might even eat small snakes and toads.

Patrick Winheim via Tik Tok
Patrick Winheim via Tik Tok

Patrick took a bit of a college approach to feeding these chickens. He gave them the elixir of Iowa...the finest drink in the land...Busch Light. We don't get much context for WHY he did this besides the fact that it is a very Iowa thing to do.

You can check out the full video of the exchange down below. His caption is hilarious! This might be the next best way to marinate your chicken.

@patrickwinheimTrying out this new way to marinate my chicken in beer (They’re of age) #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #beer #iowa #TikTokGGT #drunk #funny♬ Drunk Driving - Koe Wetzel

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