Don't stress in the voting booth. Have a cheat sheet.

I'll never forget my sophomore year of high school back in 2001, when it took so long for George W. Bush to be named the president after the election. Weeks had gone by and one of the main reasons was because the people of Florida couldn't understand the ballot. How was it possible to not understand the ballot? Circle the bubble next to the candidates name that you want to be the president. Seems simple enough. It was a time when maybe we need the giant leavers to determine your vote. It was getting as bad as needing a picture book to determine who the president will be. Well not any more.

It just seems so easy to know the answers to the test before it starts. Sure, you still have to go through the processes of circling the answer twice. But at least you'd have a good idea of what to expect when walking into the private booth.


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