If you had to build a metaphorical "Mount Rushmore" of reality TV figures of the 2000s, you'd have to include a large bust of Dog the Bounty Hunter in order for it to have any credibility.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, or "Duane Chapman," as his driver's license says, was responsible for a series of reality TV shows over the course of nearly 20 years. Whether you only watched his eponymous A&E series that ran for eight years and 240+ episodes, or saw his wife, Beth, succumb to lung cancer in the later series, Dog's Most Wanted, the titular bounty hunter is the definition of a larger-than-life television personality.

In lieu of his third book hitting store shelves and online retailers, Dog the Bounty Hunter was kind enough to chat with me. The book, Nine Lives and Counting: A Bounty Hunter's Journey to Faith, Hope, and Redemption, chronicles Dog's walk with Jesus. Our conversation alone heavily dove into religion, with Dog providing a unique perspective on biblical doctrine of which he is only capable:

When asked about the message he has for the lost, the leper, the lame, and the brokenhearted — the very people in which Dog claims to desire to reach with the book — Dog had this to say:

There's hope. There's power in the blood of Jesus [....] I was convicted of first degree murder, a murder I did not commit. I was sentenced to five-years-and-one-day [....] in the 70s when we made big rocks little rocks. And, God stopped me dead in my tracks, and the warden called me in one day and heard my story. After 18 months, he said 'I'm gonna tell you something, son. You're gonna be something some day, doggy, and I'm gonna let you go [....] 'you go out there and make Texas proud and you take Jesus with you'. - Dog the Bounty Hunter


Dog also had some insights into the legacy of his ever-popular A&E show (along with the legacy he sees himself leaving behind). Furthermore, I had to ask him about the time the hit show South Park parodied his show and likeness.

It was the episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" where Cartman dresses and acts like Dog the Bounty Hunter once being named the hall monitor for the school. It's an uproariously funny episode, one on which Dog offers a unique perspective.

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Take a listen to my interview with Dog the Bounty Hunter below, and learn more about his book, Nine Lives and Counting, on his official website.

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