It’s never a happy site when you see you are being pulled over, but it must be especially nerve-wracking when a department that focuses on wildlife programs is the one making the stop.

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Last Thursday, an Iowa Department of Natural Resources officer pulled over a semi-truck driver after noticing a major problem with its tire. As he pulled the truck over, the DNR officer did call the Iowa Department of Transportation to come to handle the issue.

The Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement shared its appreciation for the DNR’s catch in a Facebook post.

Law enforcement is achieved as a team each and every day in Iowa. No single officer can see and catch everything out there. Enter, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, whose observant officer spotted this going down the interstate.

At the time of the stop, the inside tire was still together. However, after a quick move to a safer location turned the tire to shreds.

Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement via Facebook
Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement via Facebook

This isn’t the only close call last week for truck drivers.

Last Wednesday, an officer was pilling over a truck that was moving awkwardly on the highway. As he was pulling the truck over, a tire popped.

Thankfully because the truck was being pulled over, the truck was not traveling at highway speeds at the time of the explosion.

Instances like these can put a wrench in your day along with posing safety issues. Some tips Evan Transportation Inc gives for semi-tire maintenance include;

  • Rotate tires
  • Get wheels aligned
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Clean your tires
  • And to just be a smart driver

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