21 pounds is a lot. I have three cats, at last check-up, their combine weight is just over 17 pounds. I weigh... 175 pounds. Yeeeah, that's right. But you know you've truly made it in life when you can afford *gasp* 21 whopping pounds of methamphetamine. Or, you're really, really stupid. Oh, and probably in big trouble.

Bleacher Report says that Chicago Cubs prospect Jesus Camargo is in deep (bear) doo doo after being arrested Arizona, where te Cubs are in spring training, last Wednesday. According to the report, he's facing four felony drug charges after being caught with 21 pounds of suspected methamphetamine and 1.2 pounds of suspected oxycodone pills in a duffle bag. He was initially pulled over while driving for speeding and drifting between lanes. Camargo is still in jail under a $75,000 bond. Which, I'd wager he could easily afford if he had access to some of that meth. Seriously, 21 pounds... that's enough to make Walter White blush a bit.

Credit: Eagle County Sheriff's Office
Credit: Eagle County Sheriff's Office

Camargo is 25 and the Cubbies signed him as an undrafted free agent way back in December 2014. He began his professional career in Mexico. He never made it to Des Moines to play Triple A, his highest level was High-A in Myrtle Beach last season. Hey, maybe there's a prison team Camargo can play for.

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