The City of Waterloo has now joined Cedar Falls and some other communities, in banning the use of fireworks within the city limits.

During the Waterloo City Council meeting Monday, the ordinance making the use of fireworks illegal, was approved on the final two readings by a vote total of 6-0.

The sale of fireworks may continue, but it will be relegated to the city's industrial areas.

The ordinance will officially go into effect after it is published in the local paper, as soon as this Friday.

Anyone caught setting off fireworks in the city after that, could be fined $250.

The state legislature, just this year, lifted an 80 year ban on fireworks, but allowed cities and counties to make their own limitations on their use and sale.

Along with Waterloo, the eastern Iowa cities of Cedar Falls, Dubuque, Iowa City, and Cedar Rapids have banned setting off fireworks within their city limits.

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