Costco says that they haven't changed any of its store policies. But shoppers might notice that the store is getting a lot tougher on one certain rule.

In this day and age where everyone is trying to save a little money, perhaps you share streaming passwords. Netflix officially put an end to that earlier this year. And just maybe to save on your grocery bill you borrow your neighbor's Costco membership card. Now that is getting tougher to do too. USA Today reports that Costco is now more frequently asking to see shoppers' membership IDs with their photo when they use the self-checkout lanes.

Costco told USA Today that the crackdown on unauthorized card-sharing comes as employees have noticed that an expansion of self-serve checkout lanes has meant an increase in the number of shoppers using cards that don't belong to them. Costco officials stated, "We don’t feel it’s right that non-members receive the same benefits and pricing as our members." The statement goes on to say that Costco is able to keep prices lower due to membership fees.

As you might imagine the crackdown has stirred emotions among Costco shoppers. USA Today reports that some shoppers are annoyed to be hounded by employees while shopping. Others are more supportive, saying that those who use someone else's card could be responsible for the store to raise prices. Costco's basic membership is $60 a year and is good for up to two people per household.

Costco has locations in three Iowa locations including Coralville, Davenport, and West Des Moines.

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