Cory Asbury's "These Are the Days" is about to become even more popular. The viral hit now features Christian icon Amy Grant, who feels blessed to be a part of it all.

Grant's enthusiasm replicates that of thousands of fans who've chosen Asbury's song from the Pioneer album to tell their story. The lyrics lend themselves naturally to a birth or parenting story, or just a great love story. Luke Combs' early support boosted a hit that has now earned more than five million streams.

Ethan Hulse and Paul Mabury helped Asbury write "These Are the Days."

The new single version of "These Are the Days" finds Grant adding harmonies to Asbury's lead vocals. Her restrained performance adds additional depth and meaning to the story. She called it one of the best songs she'd heard in a long time, while Asbury labeled Grant a legend.

Combs and his wife Nicole used the song to introduce the world to their new song Beau Lee Combs, born Aug. 15, 2023. That's become a popular trend on Instagram and TikTok.

The arrangement of this new version of "These Are the Days" is similar to the version released on Pioneer two months ago. A patient steel guitar draws one's attention before a gentle acoustic helps pin Asbury's storytelling.

"So tell 'em bed time stories / Give 'em a kiss good night / Darlin' before we know it / This old house will be quiet / I know we're tired right now / Someday we'll laugh about it / Let's slow it down and raise a glass / 'Cause these are the days that we'll want back," he sings at the chorus.

Look for Asbury on the Texas Takeover Tour beginning Nov. 2.

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