For the third year in a row, the New York Times put together a list of 50 of the best restaurants in the country. We're happy to report that exactly ONE restaurant from Iowa made the cut for 2023! Congratulations to The Webster in Iowa City!

The Webster first opened its doors back in 2021 at 202 N. Linn Street in Iowa City. The building was once home to Pearson's Drug Store, which closed back in 2001. According to their website, owner Sam Gelman has fond memories of Pearson's:

"My father worked and continues to work across the street, and my grandfather worked at Mercy Hospital, so when I was a kid, I would come down and have lunch with either my grandfather, my father, or both. This is where I first came to experience the beauty of community."

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The article from the New York Times says that The Webster is actually named after Sam's grandfather.

The menu at The Webster is constantly changing based on the season and relies "heavily" on Midwest ingredients. It currently features a variety of breads, pasta dishes, and both small and large plates. Options include Beau Soleil Oysters, Stout’s Sweet Corn Soup, Grilled Wisconsin Trout, Grimm Farm Chicken, and more. The New York Times article reads:

"Mr. Gelman’s food channels his experiences working as a top lieutenant in the chef David Chang’s restaurant group, which took him from New York to Toronto to Los Angeles. With its window-lined dining room and vibrant, Asian-accented, often locally sourced dishes, the Webster treats Mr. Gelman’s hometown as an asset, and serves as a compelling enticement to visit this cosmopolitan corner of the Midwest."

The Webster is open for dinner Tuesday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday & Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. You can book a reservation online HERE.

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