Yesterday was my birthday. I'm still under 40, and still accepting birthday cards. Cash preferred. In all seriousness, my wife and I wanted to have a nice dinner out to celebrate. The first place I wanted to go stated on their social media some time ago that they were closed Mondays and Tuesdays due to staffing. So, that ruled them out as yesterday was... Tuesday. We chose another place, we arrived aaaand, they were closed Monday and Tuesdays too. The third option was open, but like the others, was closed Mondays.

If you're sick of your favorite eateries and bars being closed, well let's hope it doesn't last. There are jobs out there, and a new crop of college grads to fill 'em. In fact, a new study finds they want face-to-face employment. While that doesn't mean they want to be a server forever, it's a promising start.

Very few college seniors want to work remotely full-time

An annual study from iCIMS finds that only 2% of college seniors want to work remotely full-time. This is the sixth year iCIMS has published this study. It's designed to give employers a heads-up on what upcoming grads will be looking for post a collegiate career. It's also worth noting college seniors will, according to this study, earn 22% more for an entry-level salary than they would have back in March 2020, which was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Recent college grad? This is actually a good time to look for work

With the cloud of COVID mercifully starting to lift in the U.S., entry-level positions are being snapped up more quicklyer than in the past. Right now, the average time to fill entry-level positions is only six and a half weeks.

There are lots of good jobs out there, and I'm sure amazing Iowa grads ready to fill them. Best of luck to you. And to businesses suffering from current worker shortages, this is certainly good news, too.

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