Doc Antle is a name you may recognize from the Netflix show "Tiger King" which captured the nation by storm in 2020. We all watched along and explored the underworld of big cat breeding and the unique (crazy) cast of characters involved in that universe. Doc was one of the main characters in that show and has a huge name in big cat breeding, and he's recently been arrested by the FBI for laundering money.

Did you know Iowa has a connection with that show? Barbara Fisher is an Ames resident who appears on the show's second episode. She was Doc's apprentice from 1999-to 2007 and has recently had some things to say about his latest arrest on social media. She quote tweeted this on June 7.

She also tweeted about how she used to care what he thought of her.


Back in 2021, Barbara spoke with Iowa Informer about her time and the difficult experience it was, working with Doc Antle. At this point in time, Doc was facing a whole different set of problems. He was charged with two felonies relating to wildlife trafficking as well as 17 misdemeanor charges involving animal cruelty.

As of last Friday, June 3, Doc was arrested and brought to a detention center. On Monday, June 6 he received a whole new set of charges, relating to money laundering. It turns out PETA had been lobbying for the IRS to look into Doc and his non-profit Rare Species fund, according to KCRG.  

It also hasn't been just Barbara speaking out against Doc on social media. For years animal rights activists and social media users in general, have been accusing Doc of animal abuse to varying degrees. If you visit Barbara Fisher's Twitter page, she has a screenshot of a conversation she had with Doc back in 2016. The conversation is pinned to the top in which she says he went into "threaten mode."

While Doc has been dealing with legal issues for some time now, it feels like this is only the beginning of the problems he'll be dealing with going forward. One Iowa woman will surely have plenty to say, whenever Doc's name makes the headlines. Now if only she could give us the inside scoop on if Carol Baskins really wacked her former husband.

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