Do you despise cilantro, AKA the green leaves of the coriander plant? Does it taste like soap to you? If so, I'm so sorry because cilantro is awesome and just a tiny bit can elevate a taco like nothing else, adding a touch of freshness and almost citrusy taste to an already killer dish. But alas, many people, like my own wife, would argue that instead of offering a nice extra bite of flavor, cilantro tastes like soap. If you're like my wife, there's a reason why that's the case; and, you can blame your parents for it,

Cilantro suck? Well, it's in your genetics

For those who say cilantro has a soapy taste, you can have a chat with mom and dad because that comes from your genetics. The Huffington Post drilled down on the matter a bit and found that the folks who can't stomach cilantro shared a gene that is linked to your sense of smell of all things.

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The gene in question is known as "OR6A2". This gene happens to be sensitive to the aldehyde chemicals which are found in cilantro leaves. This is what gives cilantro its flavor, which most of us enjoy.  According to SciShow (see the video below), this actually only impacts 4-14% of the population. Despite that, you know someone (if it's not you specifically) that hates cilantro. We all do.

You can *try* to like cilantro

Are you in the soapy OR6A2 category? If so, don't lose hope. Brittanica claims there's a way to overcome this hatred of the leafy green spice. As painful as it may sound, frequent exposure to cilantro can help. It is best you have it crushed rather than trying to eat it whole. Or, you could just wave the white flag and use parsley instead.

Nothing is better on tacos! Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash
Nothing is better on tacos! Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

For people who don't despise cilantro, bet the above picture is making your mouth water. For those who don't want to touch those tacos, blame OR6A2 and your folks.

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