Chris Lane's younger son was born Baker Weston, but the singer and his wife Lauren have decided to make an alteration to his moniker.

Lauren caught fans up on Baker's name change on a since-expired Instagram Stories slide, according to US Weekly. While in a car outside the Vital Records Office, Lauren told fans that she'd just dropped off Baker's name change form and she was having a "Kylie Jenner moment" -- a nod to Jenner's recent decision to legally change her one-year-old son's first name.

The country singer's wife clarifies that her son's first name is "still Baker," but the parents decided to make a little change to the middle name they gave him at birth.

"[It] was Weston. We actually, like, panicked at the hospital because we just couldn't decide, and it was between West and Weston, and we ended up going with Weston," Lauren continues. "But Baker is such a Baker West and that's just what we call him. [Our older son] Dutton calls him Baker West. I call him Baker West, [and], like, his personality is so much more of a West than a Weston, so now he's Baker West."

Baker will celebrate his first birthday later this month, and in her social media update, Lauren said that the name-changing process is a little easier for a child who hasn't yet hit the one-year milestone.

"It's super easy if you want to change your kid's name and they're under one. Very easy, just had to pay $15," she elaborates. "So, new name: Baker West."

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