Charges could still be filed against a truck driver who caused a rural bridge to collapse into the Upper Iowa River in rural Winneshiek County

29 year old Justin Hippen of Parkersburg was attempting to driver a grain truck over Daleys Bridge last Friday; the bridge is rated and posted for vehicles no more than 3 tons. However, Hippen's truck topped the scales at approximately ten times that amount, about 30 tons.

Hippen was apparently using a GPS device that brought him to the area, but made it so he was forced to try to cross the river using the 100 year old bridge.

The bridge toppled into the Upper Iowa River, a scenic byway for boaters and fishermen. Several canoe rental services also use the waterway for tourists.

No one was injured in the accident. The crumpled structure blocked the way for any boating activity in the area, until engineers could clear the debris. A crane was scheduled to be brought in to move the semi.

The cost of the cleanup effort was estimated at $4,000 per day, and was expected to take about 4 days to finish.

Charges have not yet been filed, but are under consideration by local authorities.

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