Did a super-cool astrophysicist coming to Iowa next week just get even cooler?

It turns out Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who speaks in Des Moines next Tuesday, has a wrestling background and is really looking forward to visiting the state that is more or less the "mecca" of college grappling and home to one of its biggest legends, Dan Gable.

According to the Des Moines Register, deGrasse Tyson first discovered Gable in the 1972 Olympics, saying "when Dan Gable was in the Olympics, nobody scored on him. That's badass." Indeed.

Tyson called his wrestling experience "mild' although he went undefeated in high school and, using his affinity for science, managed to create a signature move called "The Double Tidal Lock" which Science Focus says is named after the phenomenon of a celestial body having the same rotational period as its orbital period around a partner.

At his Des Moines appearance on Tuesday, he will cover the importance of having a "Cosmic Perspective" on life, love, and politics"...and maybe wrestling? It's also not known whether Gable will attend the show.

Tickets for "Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Cosmic Perspective", Tuesday night, April 5 at 7:30 at the Des Moines Civic Center, range from $45.50 to $150 and can be purchased here.

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H/T: DanGable.com/Science Focus

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