A Cedar Valley movie theater is now offering beer to those 21 years of age and older at their concession stand.

According to Marcus Crossroads Theater's Facebook page, the Waterloo theater is now selling Miller Lite, Bud Light, Corona, Blue Moon, Sam Adams, and Angry Orchard.

Scrolling through the comments, I was able to find out the prices. Miller Lite & Bud Light go for $5. The rest of the list will set you back $6. That's about the same for an in-flight drink, but at least it's not as bad as some major league sports stadium prices. A beer at a Minnesota Twins game will cost you $7.50 (source).

One person posted a comment asking when the theater would begin selling wine. Marcus Crossroads Theater replied, "If that time ever comes, we will be sure to post about it!" It's so hard to tell the tone of simple text, but I find it interesting that the used an exclamation point to end their reply. Are they hinting that it's coming?

The only suggest I would offer is that the 'Midwest Beer Staple' Busch Light gets added soon to the menu list. If my trips to Wal-Mart are any indication, they might be missing the boat on what people in the Cedar Valley drink.

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