Looking for a day out or weekend away and want to take your furbaby along?

We know just the place! A recent article from Livability singled out each state's "Best City to Visit With Your Dog" and for your friend on four legs, there's no place like home. But that sort of defeats the purpose if you already live here so we'll get to some other states and their picks in a minute. Here is what the article said about Cedar Rapids:

Work on your fetch game at Cedar Rapids’Cheyenne Park, where Fido and his buds can explore the nearly 14 acres of fenced recreation yards. And just in case you have a little more energy to burn off, get your feet (and paws) moving on the more than 5 miles of trails at Indian Creek Nature Center (just keep your pup on a leash).

They singled out Cheyenne, but don't forget, we have a handful of stellar dog parks for Fido to let off steam, including a new one in Bondurant that is expected to be ready for use in 2023. Learn all about them here.

But you already live in Cedar Rapids and the article is all about places to visit. So let's see what they said about other Midwest states.


Chicago is the spot for your pooch, for its scenic walks around Navy Pier and its views of Lake Michigan.


Kansas City has St. John's Park and Wyandotte County Lake and Park. Plus, it's like two cities in one because you can stroll over to the Missouri side (which has its own best city for dogs, Branson) and if your pooch can chill long enough (not a chance with my buddy), you can take him/her to a Royals game (where, of course, they would fit right in as "royal"ty themselves!)


Minneapolis has its own "dog convention" in September called "Linden Hills Woofstock" making it a no-brainer as to the top choice in Minnesota for dogs.


Pewaukee has a dog bakery called Petlicious with an abundance of dog treats with consumable human ingredients.

Paw-nerable mention: North Dakota

Bismarck has a dog park called Century Bark Park, with four gated fields grouped by the size of the dog and one of them is called "Wiggly Field".

Want to get out of the midwest entirely? I'm leaving several states out for the sake of time and space, but you can see more of what Livability calls each state's best place to visit with your dogs here.

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