Only one word strikes such a deep chord for many people in Northeast Iowa. It gets such a visceral reaction when

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It's such a hot button issue for drivers that some people think they contribute to negative weather events. Do you remember this viral video where one disgruntled Pennsylvanian even called up the local television station to express a theory about a correlation between the rise in tornadoes and the increase in roundabouts?

While I don't know if this may ACTUALLY be the scientific reason behind this...there are a whole lot of roundabouts.

According to the government of Iowa's website, there has been a gradual increase in the number of roundabouts in the state. These traffic circles are supposed to reduce certain traffic nuisances or issues like car crashes, air pollution, and traffic delays. In addition, they are meant to reduce the cost of maintenance and construction.



You may be thinking that this seems to be a way smaller number than what you expected. As previously mentioned, the 61 only includes the number of "modern" or roundabouts in use.

There are 18 "circular intersections" which are not roundabouts, in use. We should also be expecting two more roundabouts in the state since there are plans for construction on these traffic circles soon. Reports say, one will be in Hiawatha Linn County and another will be in Marion Linn County.

Three of these roundabouts are currently in Cedar Falls.

For more information on how to drive in roundabouts (I know I sometimes need a reminder every now and then) or more info on how to navigate them, you can check out the city of Cedar Falls's official website.


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