Hello, my name is Johnny and I love the Cedar Falls roundabouts. (HI JOHNNY!). Here's why short reasons:

  • They're easy.
  • I rarely have to stop for more than a split second
  • Even rarer, I wait a whole 10 seconds
  • I am impatient and despise stoplights and stopsigns as they're lazy.

So with that in mind, allow me to express my glee as a Cedar Falls resident when I share with you some news: we're getting a new roundabout in our town! (YAY - not sarcasm).


There's a roundabout coming to the Greenhill Road and South Main intersection

After months of talks, and millions of dollars in proposed improvements, it's official: a new roundabout is coming to the Greenhill Road and South Main intersection. If you aren't familiar, there's a relatively new Fareway on the corner, and otherwise, it's mainly residential property that surrounds this popular intersection.

KWWL reports the measure passed with a 6-1 margin. The only one to dissent was Mayoral Candidate Dave Sires. Speaking of mayors, Mayor Rob Green outlined the improvement plan that has now passed in a Facebook post.

The project is about a lot more than a new roundabout

This project will, according to the KWWL story, cost $3.34 million. This includes over 10,000 square yards of new pavement, 350 square yards of new sidewalk. There will also be work done to the storm sewer and water main.

This project will be funded by sales tax, state funds, among other methods. The next step will include the Council receiving bids for the project. There is no set timetable on the project's beginning or an expected time of completion.


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