In episode three of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher's online series Mike and Carrie: God & Countrythe couple share special moments in parenting and the lessons they hope to instill in their two sons, particularly around their Christian faith.

In the latest installment of the series, broadcast via faith-based nonprofit I Am Second, Underwood reveals that a simple, but precious bonding experience between the family of four is the quiet time they have together in the morning.

"I feel very connected when we do have cuddles in the morning, when we're all just kind of waking up and have some morning cuddles before the chaos," she explains. The couple are also intentional about making dinner time family time, gathering with their sons, 5-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob, around the table for meals and prayers, with Isaiah being adamant that they all pray together.

"I want my sons to see me and be like, 'This is real, this isn't just what he's saying; this is not an informed faith, this is like a transformed faith and my dad is different,'" Fisher says about how he wants his kids to see his relationship with God. "That's the goal. It can't be just about knowing about God or Jesus, it has to be about really following."

Underwood says her role as a mother is to share unconditional love with those closest to her.

"I want our children to think just above everything, this goes for everybody everywhere too, you are loved and you are wanted. There are some not-too-great things that happen in the world and happen within families, and we are all flawed, and our flaws I think sometimes ripple out onto everybody else. But through everything I want the people in my life that I love to know that they are loved by God, they're wanted," she expresses emotionally. "If I could just make everybody feel that they are loved, I feel like that's my job."

In previous episodes, the couple discusses their marriage and the three heartbreaking miscarriages Underwood experienced over the course of two years. The fourth episode of Mike and Carrie: God & Country is set to air on I Am Second on Wednesday (June 17).

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